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Music has a Place in the Time of Covid19

Music is scientifically proven that music plays restorative consequences on the brain, the soul and even the emotional part of breathing beings. Listening to music has always been an art and pleasant to the ears. In the old-time listening music was found to be a cup of royals and rich people but as the time changed music changed, increased the audience, but real sense f music of being soundful and stress releaser remains the same. This was proven when the pandemic hit the world.

The Time when people realize Music as a Stress Buster?

Music has always been underrated to be a feeling of entertainment. But at the time of covid19, the chords were uplifted, and the entire world shifted to music as a sense stress buster, music, oxytocin is a chemical delivered while singing which can reduce pressure and nervousness. And found that one doesn’t need an extraordinary vocalist to sing! Likewise, any emotional commitment to music can ease stress, like playing an instrument or moving/moving to music.

Specific types of music to listen to during Meditation?

For meditation, it is always endorsed to use music without any libretto and with a slow beat. Music is the best way to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and panic attacks. Music can be said t be the best medicine for people who feel lonely and depressed in their heart. In contrast, people who tend to handle stress and fear must start with listening t high pitched music to reduce and stabilize their mental situation. It is always recommended to form your playlist to listen anytime when you feel stress or low.

For what reason do we go to music in the midst of an emergency?

  • Society all around the globe has turned around the notes during the time of the pandemic.
  • From digital paradox to penthouse block Jolla, it helped them to maintain their sense of togetherness.
  • Who knows when and where the actual and initial origin of songs and music took place

Flood over the Internet.

The Internet has always been the centre of entertainment and attraction. People with free time always love to suffer Internet, and youtube has always been on the chart’s top. However, seen more functional during the time of covid19.people all around the globe were pushed to be active on the Internet as it was the only hope for self-enjoyment at the time of isolation. The best part of isolation was that human beings could find out that to be a musician, you don’t need any degree or prior knowledge, just some skills and a happy me time. In a survey, it is found that aa happy food releases a chemical from the human brain. Music has always listed in the entertainment category, but in noble coronavirus, music stands out to be a good booster.

How music has the means to retake control?

During the quarantine, it was found that the person from Barcelona, who was a pianist by profession, went t his house balcony to sing “My heart will go on” from titanic for his next-door.

An 85-year-old man from Chicago, America, raised a good fund for the coronavirus victim by playing the guitar.


Well Built Effect of Music
One direction –Breaking the HEARTS.

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